Friday, January 26, 2018

St. Louis, Missouri

7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. 

The learning event for educators focused on enabling success
for BOTH students and themselves in the new World of Work.


The 2018 Winter EdVenture was created to do more than present ideas; rather, to share expertise that enable decisions you can make to improve your teaching skills, design and deliver great entrepreneurial education programs, and improve your personal abilities for achieving success as you define it!

The Center for Entrepreneurial Educators was founded to pursue a two-fold mission to:
1) share best practices to design, plan and deliver entrepreneurial education programs to students of all ages; and,
2) bring entrepreneurial thinking and action in to the traditional classroom setting.



Keynote: “Real Innovation”

Jaylen Bledsoe

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group

Jaylen is a world-renowned motivational speaker with clients including Disney Dreamers Academy, NSBE, Junior Achievement, Steve Harvey Mentoring Program, Stanford, Google, and Facebook just to name a few. 

Jaylen’s expertise and success is multifaceted and includes start-up businesses, brand & business development, Venture Capital Funding, direct marketing platform development and implementation, entrepreneurship, and increasing revenue streams.

Session 1

Preparing Students to Succeed in an Ever-Changing World

Dr. Jennifer Stanfill
Director of Choice Programs
Parkway School District

Today's economy looks vastly different than it once did.  As we seek to prepare our students for the real-world, we are challenged to adjust our practices to ensure our students will be poised for success as they enter post-secondary education programs and the workforce.  Attendees will leave this session feeling informed about workplace trends, as well as empowered to motivate and reach students by boosting their students' innovative capacity and developing their entrepreneurial mindset as we prepare them for success in an ever-changing world.



Session 2

Keys to Success – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Rick Duree

This session provides a concrete, practical framework that identifies a discrete set of entrepreneurial skills that can developed through practice starting today.  Rick Duree, from the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood, presents an entrepreneurial skill set in a generic curriculum format easily digestible to all.

Session 3

Defining and Measuring the "Unmodel Student"

Michael Chandler
Customer Experience &
Transformation Executive

Class Rank, GPA, standardized test scores, etc., are all quantitative measures put in place decades ago.  While certainly a measure of certain skills, a large population of students do not fit the mold.  Follow Michael's journey to success that looks vastly different than what the education system advocates.  Educators will gain an understanding of what characteristics to look for and ideas of how to better measure progress for each student.  



Session 4

Lean Cycle – Think Big, Start Small. Build It!

John Schultz
Co-Founder and CEO
Center for Entrepreneurial Educators

Bring ideas to fruition. Changes in technology, society, and business have destroyed traditional barriers to thinking and acting as a successful entrepreneur. John Schultz, co-founder of the Center for Entrepreneurial Educators, shows you how to get started. The best news of all: you know more than you think you know!


Session 5

1-Page Idea

Steve Epner
The Startup Within, LLC

Plan your business startup or just plan to make a great idea happen, no matter if you are an

employee or an employer, the 1-Page Idea Launch enables you to distill the 40-page business plan down to one page! You will leave confident of actions you can take when you wake up the next morning.


Session 6

Program Design – Case Study/Best Practices Panel

Darcella CravenPresident/Chief Fear Conqueror, Veterans Business Resource Center

Dr. Karen HillDirector of Professional and Program Development, Wentzville School District

Justin HildebrandBusiness and Marketing Teacher, School District of Clayton

Join in the conversation highlighted through a panel discussion of local leaders in entrepreneurial education throughout the St. Louis area!  Learn approaches that work, risks to address, and challenges to overcome in the pursuit of innovation in education.  Take advantage of tapping into the experts through an interactive session including audience Q&A.



Medici MediaSpace, 2065 Walton Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63114



Join the movement! Attend and enjoy the 2018 Winter EdVenture and learn entrepreneurial skills and techniques to support success of BOTH you and your students! 

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